Kunal Shah on field

I'm Kunal Shah, a 19 y/o Photography and Film making enthusiast. 

I got into Bird Watching at the age of 11 through which I developed an interest in photographing Birds. I slowly started exploring other aspects of Wildlife like Mammals, Reptiles, Arthropods, Amphibians etc. I clicked photos on a small Sony Cybershot, the ones that fit into your pockets, 'Match-box' cameras as I like to call them. Photography initially was just for the sake of documenting whatever I saw in the wild. My goal was and still is to know everything that is around you once you leave your house. Be it birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, flowers, trees, rocks and even stars. I want myself to be able to identify and know about everything in the wild. This goal in mind helps me to expand my knowledge everyday. I've already stepped my foot into some of these aspects of the natural world.  


Initially, it was just Wildlife Photography. But then I started getting serious about Photography, when I expanded my horizons and started exploring other genres of Photography like Macro, Landscape, Astro, Portrait and so on. Basically, anything and everything that I could click using a camera. And since then, I've kept it that way. Even though Wildlife Photography is my area of primary interest, I've never restricted myself to just that and enjoy clicking all sorts of photos. 

It was through Wildlife Photography that I got into content writing. I love to write, narrate my experiences and connect people's hearts to it, making them live and feel that moment. That's how I started writing Blogs. You can read my blogs on the 'Blogs' page.

It was only recently, at the age of 17 when I started making videos. It was always my dream to tell my stories and experiences beyond photos. I always wanted to make Travel Videos and Wildlife Films. I picked up the camera one fine day without any preparation and started filming, making my first video. I've never stopped since then. I've made a few travel videos, short wildlife documentaries and short films. They're on my YouTube channel, you can learn more about that on the 'Film-making' page.


I was about to pursue Engineering when I changed my thoughts at the last moment and opted for Media and Communication. I got into one of the top most Media and Communication universities in India, Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication. I plan on specialising in Audio Visual. 

Apart from what you've seen and read up till now, I also enjoy to play sports, particularly Badminton. I love to sing though I'm not a singer and I love to dance as well. I plan to learn cooking soon. 

I talk a lot. That's my most favourite thing to do, talking. I love to share and connect to people on a deeper level. That's all about me. Feel free to reach out to me on Social Media. I'm very active on Instagram and you would get to see some good and genuine content as well. You can find my Instagram on the 'Photography' page or on the top and bottom of all pages, look out for the small icons. You can also fill the form on the 'Contact' page and I'll get back to you :)